About Me

Achiever | Focus | Competition | Strategic | Relator

Hi there! I'm Shail.

I recently graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Davis gave me the chance to meet some amazing people and work on a lot of impactful projects, and I'm looking forward (I think) to graduate school in the near future. Currently, I work on mechanical product design for new plastic and metal parts, mechanisms, and cost savings projects on Tesla's Vehicle Engineering team. This is a pretty fancy way of saying I build and break cars on a regular basis, but I really enjoy what I do.

A bit more about me: I love learning about new things, especially big news in battery tech, EV's, robotics, AI, and sustainability. Outside of work I like spending time with my family/friends, reading a good book, learning how to trade stocks, or catching up on a great show (White Collar, Suits, Big Bang Theory).

If you're looking to hire a mechanical engineer, want to talk shop, or just found something interesting on my site, please reach out! I'm always open to meeting new people and I'd love to connect.